Water Level Probe Compatible with MANITOWOC 20-0654-9 or 2006549

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  • Fits for all S-Series Manitowoc Ice Machines.
  • Replaces the following parts :

    2006549 and 20-0654-9

    Compatible models include but are not limited to:

    CVD685, CVD885, SD0302A, SD0303W, SD0322A,SD0323W, SD0422A, SD0423W, SD0452A, SD0453W, SD0502A, SD0503W, SD0592N,SD0602A, SD0603W, SD0603WM, SD0692N, SD0852A, SD0853W, SD0853WM, SD0892N,SD1002A, SD1003W, SD1003WM, SD1072C, SD1092N, SD1202A, SD1203W, SD1272C,SD1402A, SD1403W, SD1403WM, SD1492N, SD1602A, SD1603W, SD1603WM, SD1692N,SD1802A, SD1803W, SD1803WM, SD1892N, SD672C, SD872C, SR0300A, SR0301W, SR0320A,SR0321W, SR0420A, SR0421W, SR0450A, SR0451W, SR0500A, SR0501W, SR0590N,SR0850A, SR0851W, SR0851WM, SR0890N, SR1600A, SR1601W, SR1601WM, SR1690N,SR1800A, SR1801W, SR1801WM, SR1890N, SR870C, SY0304A, SY0305W, SY0324A,SY0325W, SY0424A, SY0425W, SY0454A, SY0455W, SY0504A, SY0505W, SY0594N,SY0604A, SY0605W, SY0605WM, SY0694N, SY0854A, SY0855W, SY0855WM, SY0894N,SY1004A, SY1005W, SY1005WM, SY1074C, SY1094N, SY1204A, SY1205W, SY1274C,SY1404A, SY1405W, SY1405WM, SY1494N, SY1604A, SY1605W, SY1605WM, SY1694N,SY1804A, SY1805W, SY1805WM, SY1894N, SY674C, and SY874C

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  • 5
    Transformed my MANITOWOC ice maker with the Water Level Probe, and the results are outstanding! The seamless integration and sturdy construction ensure precise water level control. Ice production has never been this efficient and reliable.

    Posted by Elara on Apr 4th 2023

  • 5
    The MANITOWOC-compatible Water Level Probe seamlessly integrates into my ice maker.

    Posted by Storm on Apr 2nd 2023

  • 5
    Optimized my ice production with the Water Level Probe for my MANITOWOC ice maker! The perfect fit and durable design make it an essential upgrade. Now, maintaining the optimal water level is a seamless and efficient experience.

    Posted by Serenity on Feb 10th 2023

  • 5
    Applauding the innovative design of the Water Level Probe compatible with MANITOWOC 20-0654-9 or 2006549. The robust build and perfect fit make it a practical and trustworthy choice.

    Posted by Zephyr on Jan 7th 2023

  • 5
    Found the ideal solution for my MANITOWOC ice maker in the Water Level Probe. The easy installation and reliable probe design make it a top choice. A significant enhancement to the water level control and overall functionality of my ice maker.

    Posted by Velvet on Dec 30th 2022

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