Ice Thickness Control Compatible with Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Machine

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  • The 000008660 ice thickness control sensor will sense the thickness of the ice bridge forming on the evaporator. This part will then tell the board to initiate harvest once a sufficient thickness has been reached.
  • This ice thickness probe comply with OEM standards, and have been passed a strict quality test in the factory. It will be stable working in your ice maker machine.
  •  Fits popular Manitowoc refrigeration models I0450, I0500, ID1006W, IB0694YC and more. For more information about compatible models please see the "Product Description" or contact us.
  • It's easy to install the ice thickness probe, just only take a few minutes to get the machine to operate normally.

Fit the following Manitowoc models:

I0322 I0450 I0450P I0500 I0522 I0522P I0600 I0600P I0606 I0686C I0870C I0970C

I1000 I1000P I1070C I1106 I1176C I1200 I1400 I1400P I1406P I1470C I1800 I1800P I1870C I2170C I2176C

IB0682DC IB0684YC IB0690C IB0694YC IB0696C IB0696YC IB0890C IB0894YC IB0896YC IB1090C IB1094YC IB1096YC

ID0302A ID0303W ID0306A ID0306W ID0322A ID0323W ID0452A ID0453W ID0456A ID0456W ID0502A ID0503W ID0521A ID0522A ID0523W ID0592N ID0602A ID0602AP ID0603W ID0603WM ID0603WP ID0606A ID0606W ID0606WM ID0682C ID0686C ID0692N ID0692NP ID0696N ID0852A ID0853W ID0856A ID0856W ID0872C ID0876C ID0892N ID0896N ID0906A ID0906W ID0976C ID0996N ID1002A ID1003W ID1003WM ID1006A ID1006W ID1006WM ID1072C ID1076C ID1092N ID1096N ID1106A ID1106W ID1176C ID1196N ID1202A ID1203W ID1206A ID1206W ID1402A ID1403W ID1403WM ID1406A ID1406W ID1406WM ID1472C ID1476C ID1492N ID1496N ID1802A ID1803W ID1803WM ID1806A ID1806W ID1806WM ID1872C ID1876C ID1892N ID1896N ID2172C ID2176C

IR0500A IR0501W IR0520A IR0521W IR0522W IR0590N IR0850A IR0851W IR0856A IR0856W IR0870C IR0890N IR0896N IR0906A IR0906W IR0996N IR1800A IR1801W IR1806A IR1806W IR1890N IR1896N

IY0304A IY0305W IY0306A IY0306W IY0324A IY0325W IY0454A IY0455W IY0456A IY0456W IY0504A IY0505W IY0524A IY0525W IY0594N IY0604A IY0604AP IY0605W IY0605WM IY0605WP IY0606A IY0606W IY0606WM IY0684C IY0686C IY0694N IY0694NP IY0696N IY0854A IY0855W IY0856A IY0856W IY0874C IY0876C IY0894N IY0896N IY0906A IY0906W IY0976C IY0996N IY1004A IY1005W IY1006A IY1006W IY1074C IY1076C IY1094N IY1096N IY1106A IY1106W IY1176C IY1196N IY1204A IY1205W IY1206A IY1206W IY1404A IY1405W IY1406A IY1406W IY1406WM IY1474C IY1476C IY1494N IY1496N IY1804A IY1805W IY1805WM IY1806A IY1806W IY1806WM IY1874C IY1876C IY1894N IY1896N IY2174C IY2176C IYO606A IYO606W IYO906A IYP0324A IYP0504A

S2170C SD1402AP SD1403WP SD1492NP SD1802AP SD1803WP SD1892NP SR1800AP SR1801WP SR1890NP SY1404AP SY1405WP

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  • 5
    Perfect ice control! This thickness control is a game-changer for my Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Machine. It ensures precise ice thickness, providing a consistent and reliable ice supply for my business.

    Posted by Ava on Sep 6th 2023

  • 5
    Easy installation! I'm impressed with this thickness control. It's durable, easy to install, and the compatibility with Manitowoc Indigo Series makes it a hassle-free replacement.

    Posted by Caleb on Jul 22nd 2023

  • 5
    Excellent addition! This thickness control is worth every penny. The quality, compatibility, and precise ice control make it an essential component for a well-functioning Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Machine. Highly recommend!

    Posted by Leo on Mar 6th 2023

  • 5
    Versatile and reliable! The ice thickness control is a fantastic buy. It's well-crafted, easy to maintain, and the compatibility ensures it's the right choice for maintaining the perfect ice thickness.

    Posted by Andrew on Jun 7th 2022

  • 5
    Efficient ice production! My new thickness control exceeded expectations. It's compatible with Manitowoc Indigo Series, ensuring optimal ice thickness for a variety of uses.

    Posted by Aria on Apr 28th 2022

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