Black Handle Compatible with Whirlpool Microwave 8169738

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This Black Handle Compatible with Whirlpool Microwave 8169738 is the perfect replacement part to ensure your microwave door is convenient and easy to open. Designed to fit a range of Whirlpool models, this handle is a genuine Whirlpool factory part, guaranteeing quality and compatibility.

Replacing part numbers 8169738, 8169513, 830067, AH390101, EA390101, PS390101, LP12830, this sturdy handle is suitable for various Whirlpool brands, including Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, and more.

This versatile handle fits models like GH4155XPS0 ,GH4155XPS1 , GH4155XPS2 ,GH4155XPS3 , IMH15XRQ1 , IMH15XRQ2 ,IMH15XRS1 , IMH15XRS2 , IOR14XRD0 ,IOR14XRD1 , IOR14XRD2 , KHMS145JBL0, KHMS145JBS0 , KHMS145JBT0 ,KHMS145JWH0 , KHMS145KSS1 ,KHMS147HBL2 , KHMS147HBT2 ,KHMS147HSS2 , KHMS147HWH2 ,KHMS155LBL0 , KHMS155LBL1 ,KHMS155LBL2 , KHMS155LBL3 ,KHMS155LBT0 , KHMS155LBT1 ,KHMS155LBT2 , KHMS155LBT3 ,KHMS155LSS0 , KHMS155LWH0 ,KHMS155LWH1 , KHMS155LWH2 ,KHMS155LWH3 , MH1150XMB0 ,MH1150XMB1 , MH1150XMB2 ,MH1150XMB3 , MH1150XMB4 ,MH1150XMQ0 , MH1150XMQ1 ,MH1150XMQ2 , MH1150XMQ3 ,MH1150XMQ4 , MH1150XMS0 ,MH1150XMS1 , MH1150XMS2 ,MH1150XMS3 , MH1150XMS4 ,MH1150XMT0 , MH1150XMT1 ,MH1150XMT2 , MH1150XMT3 ,MH1150XMT4 , MH2155XPS0 ,MH2155XPS1 , MH2155XPS2 ,MH2155XPS3 , MH7155XMS0 ,MHE14XMD0 , MHE14XMD1 , MHE14XMD2, TMH14XMB0 , TMH14XMB1 ,TMH14XMB2 , TMH14XMB3 , TMH14XMB4, TMH14XMD0 , TMH14XMD1 ,TMH14XMD2 , TMH14XMQ0 ,TMH14XMQ1 , TMH14XMQ2 ,TMH14XMQ3 , TMH14XMQ4 , TMH14XMS0, TMH14XMS1 , TMH14XMS2 ,TMH14XMS3 , TMH14XMS4 , TMH14XMT0, TMH14XMT1 , TMH14XMT2 ,TMH14XMT3 , TMH14XMT4 ,YKHMS145JBL1 , YKHMS145JBS1 ,YKHMS145JBT1 , YKHMS145JWH1 ,YKHMS147HBL2 , YKHMS147HSS2 ,YKHMS147HWH2 , YMH1150XMS0 ,YMH1150XMS1 , YMH1150XMS2 ,YMH1150XMS3 , YMH7155XMB0 ,YMH7155XMB1 , YMH7155XMB2 ,YMH7155XMQ0 , YMH7155XMQ1 ,YMH7155XMQ2 , YMH7155XMS0 ,YMH7155XMS1 , YMH7155XMS2 , and many others listed in the description. Whether you need a replacement handle for your home microwave or commercial kitchen appliance, this model ensures a secure and ergonomic grip for easy access to your microwave.

Crafted to meet Whirlpool's high standards, this handle is durable and easy to install, making it the ideal choice for restoring the functionality and aesthetics of your microwave. Upgrade your appliance with the Black Handle Compatible with Whirlpool Microwave 8169738 and enjoy the convenience of a reliable replacement part that fits perfectly and enhances the overall look of your microwave.

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  • 5
    I'm in awe of the quality and performance of this amazing product.

    Posted by Vivian on May 8th 2022

  • 5
    Great value

    Posted by Unknown on May 27th 2019

    The handle came from these guys at a price that was about a third of what other suppliers charge. Showed up on time and ready to install. (Keep your screws from the old one cuz they’re not included with the new handle.)

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