WB15X309 GE Microwave Microwave Door Handle Black PS232240

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Product Overview

  • Part Numbers: WB15X309, AP2623337, 2366, AH232240, EA232240, PS232240, WB04X0123, WB07X1892, WB15X0300, WB15X0309, WB15X300, WB4X123, WB7X1892
  • Replacement Handle for GE Microwave
  • Handle Length: 9", Distance between Mounting Holes: 8-1/8"
  • Color: Black
  • Please see the description below for list of compatible part numbers.
JVM140K04, JVM140K03, JVM142K03, JVM140J01, JVM130K04, JVM140K02, JVM130K02, JVM142K04, JVM132K04, JVM130J01, JVM130K03, JVM131K03, JVM132K02, JVM132K03, JVM139J02, JVM142K02, JVM150K02, JVM130K01, JVM131K04, JVM139K02, JVM140J02, JVM141K03, JVM150K04, JVM139J01, JVM139K03, JVM139K04, JVM142J02, JVM130J03, JVM131J02, JVM132J01, JVM133J02, JVM141K04, JVM150J03, JVM150J04, JVM150K03, JVM172K02, JVM172K03, LVM135K02, JVM130J02, JVM131K01, JVM131K02, JVM132J03, JVM132K01, JVM133K03, JVM133K04, JVM139J03, JVM140J03, JVM140K01, JVM142J01, JVM152J01, JVM152J03, JVM152J04, JVM152K02, JVM152K03, JVM152K04, LVM135J02, LVM135K03, JVM131J01, JVM131J03, JVM132J02, JVM133J01, JVM133K01, JVM133K02, JVM139K01, JVM141J01, JVM141J02, JVM141J03, JVM141K01, JVM141K02, JVM142K01, JVM150J01, JVM150J02, JVM150K01, JVM152J02, JVM152K01, JVM172J01, JVM172K01, LVM135J01, LVM135K04


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    A1 product at a reasonable cost

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 19th 2019

    This product is no longer available at some other parts suppliers. Those that do have it are charging two to three times .more than Easydeal.