Sitting Gel Flex Cushion Seat Sitter Flex Pillow Back Support

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  • The portable seat cushion pad is very elastic, which makes it easy to place, carry or wash. It is made out of eco-friendly silicone gel. This material enables the cushion to recover its original shape %100 every time, even after prolonged uses, without getting any deformation, which is what makes this product superior to memory foam cushions.
  • The uniquely made silicone honeycomb design won’t sink down, allowing the air circulation throughout the whole cushion, allowing your lower body to stay cool, preventing unwanted sweat and some diseases such as hemorrhoids that could be caused by long sittings. 
  • The special honeycomb design also works as a massager on your buttocks. It will release some tension from your buttocks thanks to its design and material. You will get used to the feeling of relief on those muscles that you won’t be able to sit on regular car seats anymore. 
  • -The structure of the cushion is designed to support your body structure and relieve your tailbone, coccyx or back pain, especially if its caused by many long-hour sittings. 
  • -The bottom of the cushion where it contacts with the surfaces of your preference, are made to be non-slippery, which will in turn prevent any kind of slipping. Don’t worry, the cushion will stay in the place without any movement on most surfaces. Even on leather seats.
  • -Since the cushion is made of Intelli-gel, it is very elastic. It is pretty easy to carry around. It is also highly recommended to you to use this cushion on most chairs, sofas, office chairs etc. to improve your comfort, especially for those who have a hard time sitting on the same spot.
  • -It is waterproof and water-durable, meaning it won’t suck in any unwanted liquid and you can easily wash it with some soap and water and it will be clean as new. Good for both outdoor and indoor uses.
  • Dimension: 16 x 14 x 1.5 inches

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  • 5
    Optimized my chair comfort with the Sitting Gel Flex Cushion. The combination of a seat sitter and flex pillow back support makes it a versatile solution. Experience the luxury of sitting on gel while keeping your back perfectly supported. Pure bliss

    Posted by Aria on Aug 25th 2023

  • 5
    Discovered the ultimate comfort solution with the Sitting Gel Flex Cushion. As both a seat sitter and flex pillow back support, it provides the perfect balance of softness and lumbar support. Say goodbye to uncomfortable sitting!

    Posted by Evadne on Aug 22nd 2023

  • 5
    Applauding the ingenious design of the Sitting Gel Flex Cushion! This dual-purpose seat sitter and flex pillow back support have significantly improved my posture and overall comfort. It's a game-changer for anyone seeking better lumbar support.

    Posted by Phoenix on Dec 27th 2022

  • 5
    Thrilled with the Sitting Gel Flex Cushion - it's like sitting on a cloud! The combination of a seat sitter and flex pillow back support makes every chair feel ergonomic and cozy. Perfect for long hours of work or relaxation.

    Posted by Solara on Aug 24th 2022

  • 5
    Transformed my sitting experience with the Sitting Gel Flex Cushion! The dual functionality as a seat sitter and flex pillow back support ensures optimal comfort and support. A must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their chair comfort.

    Posted by Leilani on Jun 10th 2022

  • 5
    Highly recommend the Sitting Gel Flex Cushion - the ideal companion for extended sitting. The gel-infused seat sitter and flexible back support create a perfect synergy.

    Posted by Serenade on Apr 30th 2022

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