Glass Cooking Tray 12.5" Compatible with Samsung Microwave MC1015BB DE74-20015

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Product Overview

Microwave tray, this is a clear glass tray, approx. 12 3/4' in diameter. This part may be used in the following manufacturers: Samsung. Samsung makes assorted appliance products for Sears/Kenmore as well with the included manufacturers shown.


Fit Models:

Amana AMC5101AAB Amana AMC5101AAS Amana AMC5101AAW Amana AMC5108AAB Amana AMC5108AAW Amana AMV1154BAB Amana AMV1154BAQ Amana AMV1154BAS Amana AMV1154BAW Amana AMV1154BAZ Amana AMV5164BAB Amana AMV5164BAQ Amana AMV5164BAS Amana AMV5164BAW Maytag AMC5101AAB14 Maytag AMC5101AAS14 Maytag AMC5101AAW14 Maytag MMV1153BAB Maytag MMV1153BAB15 Maytag MMV1153BAS Maytag MMV1153BAS15 Maytag MMV1153BAW Maytag MMV1153BAW16 Maytag UMV1152CAB Maytag UMV1152CAQ Maytag UMV1152CAS Maytag UMV1152CAW Samsung MC1015BB Samsung MC1015UBB Samsung MC1015UWB Samsung MC1015WB Samsung MD800SC Samsung MD800WC Samsung ME1240SC Samsung ME1260SB Samsung ME1260SB/XAA Samsung ME1280STC Samsung MR1031CWC Samsung MR1031UWC Samsung MR1031WB Samsung MR1032BB Samsung MR1032CBC Samsung MR1032UBC Samsung MR1033SB Samsung MR1034CBD Samsung MR1034CWD Samsung MR1034UBD Samsung MR1034UWD Samsung MR5491G01 Samsung MR5492W Samsung MR5492W01 Samsung MR5493G Samsung MR5493G01 Samsung MR5494W Samsung MR5494W01 Samsung MS1040BB Samsung MS1040BB/XAA Samsung MS1040CB Samsung MS1040CB/XAA Samsung MS1040WB Samsung MS1040WB/XAA Samsung MS1240BB Samsung MS1240BB/XAA Samsung MS1240CB Samsung MS1240CB/XAA Samsung MS1240WB Samsung MS1240WB/XAA Samsung MT1044BB Samsung MT1044CB Samsung MT1044WB Samsung MT1088SB Samsung MW1030BA Samsung MW1030SB Samsung MW1030SB/XAA Samsung MW1030WA Samsung MW1040BC Samsung MW1040BC/XAA Samsung MW1040WC Samsung MW1040WC/XAA Samsung MW1080STA Samsung MW1150WA Samsung MW1245BB Samsung MW5592W/XAA Samsung MW945WB Samsung MW965BB Samsung MW965BB/XAA Samsung MW965WB Samsung MW965WB/XAA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review