Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin AAP73631503 Compatible with LG Refrigerator

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Cross Reference Information

Part Number AAP73631503 (AP5673811) replaces PS7786021.

ManufacturerModel NumberDescription
Kenmore / Sears 795.71052013 REFRIGERATOR
Kenmore / Sears 795.71052014 REFRIGERATOR
Kenmore / Sears 795.71053013 REFRIGERATOR
Kenmore / Sears 795.71053014 REFRIGERATOR
Kenmore / Sears 795.71054013 REFRIGERATOR
Kenmore / Sears 795.71054014 REFRIGERATOR
Kenmore / Sears 795.71056013 REFRIGERATOR
Kenmore / Sears 795.71056014 REFRIGERATOR
Kenmore / Sears 795.71059013 REFRIGERATOR
Kenmore / Sears 795.71059014 REFRIGERATOR

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  • 5
    Applauding the innovative design of the AAP73631503 Door Shelf Bin compatible with LG Refrigerator. The robust build and perfect fit make it a practical and trustworthy choice.

    Posted by Lyric on Nov 12th 2023

  • 5
    Transformed my LG Refrigerator with the AAP73631503 Door Shelf Bin, and the results are impressive! The seamless integration and sturdy construction ensure optimal storage.

    Posted by Zara on Jul 23rd 2023

  • 5
    Found the ideal solution for my LG Refrigerator in the AAP73631503 Door Shelf Bin. The easy installation and reliable bin design make it a top choice. A significant enhancement to the storage capacity and overall functionality of my refrigerator.

    Posted by Magnus on Jun 8th 2023

  • 5
    Revitalized my refrigerator's storage with the AAP73631503 Door Shelf Bin for my LG Refrigerator! The perfect fit and durable design make it an essential upgrade. Now, organizing groceries is a seamless and efficient experience.

    Posted by Eclipse on Jan 12th 2023

  • 5
    The LG-compatible AAP73631503 Door Shelf Bin seamlessly integrates into my refrigerator. The compatibility and durable design make it an excellent replacement. Organizing groceries is now a breeze with this functional and reliable door shelf bin.

    Posted by Daphne on Sep 22nd 2022

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