Spider Hex Bolt Compatible with Samsung Washer DC60-40137A

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Replaces the following part numbers:

  • AP4203183
  • PS4205366

Fits the following models (not all applicable models are listed - ask if you don't see yours):

40249032011, 40249032012, 59249003, 59249006, 59249032, 59249042, 59249045, 59249047, 59249052, 59249057, 59249065, 59249069, 59249075, 59249079, 59249082, 59249087, 592491020, 592491070, 592491080, 592491170, 592491180, 59249127, 59249145, 59249147, 59249155, 59249157, 59249182, 59249193, 59249196, 592493040, 592493080, 592495070, 592495090, BFW36B, BFW36W, WD15F5K5ASG, WD18H7300KP, WD6122CKC, WD6122CKS, WD8122CVB, WD9122CLE, WDH125, WF203ANS, WF203ANW, WF206ANS, WF206BNW, WF206LNW, WF209ANW, WF210ANS, WF210ANW, WF218ANB, WF218ANS, WF218ANW, WF219ANB, WF219ANW, WF220ANW, WF221ANG, WF221ANS, WF229ANG, WF231ANW, WF241ANW, WF306BAW, WF306BHW, WF306LAW, WF316BAC, WF316BAW, WF316HAC, WF316LAS, WF316LAW, WF317AAG, WF317AAS, WF317AAW, WF328AAG, WF328AAR, WF328AAW, WF330ANB, WF330ANW, WF331ANR, WF331ANW, WF337AAG, WF337AAL, WF337AAR, WF337AAS, WF337AAW, WF338AAB, WF338AAW, WF339AAW, WF340ANG, WF340ANR, WF350ANG, WF350ANP, WF350ANR, WF350ANW, WF361BVBEWR, WF363BTBEUF, WF365BTBGSF, WF365BTBGWR, WF393BTPARA, WF393BTPAWR, WF395BTPARA, WF395BTPASU, WF395BTPAWR, WF397UTPAGR, WF405ATPASU, WF405ATPAWR, WF407ANW, WF409ANR, WF409ANW, WF409SNL, WF410ANR, WF410ANW, WF419AAS, WF419AAU, WF419AAW, WF428AAL, WF428AAW, WF42H5000AW, WF42H5100AW, WF42H5200AF, WF42H5200AP, WF42H5200AW, WF42H5400AF, WF42H5400AW, WF42H5500AF, WF42H5600AP, WF42H5600AW, WF42H5700AG, WF431ABP, WF431ABW, WF433BTGJWR, WF435ATGJRA, WF435ATGJWR, WF438AAR, WF448AAE, WF448AAP, WF448AAW, WF455ARGSGR, WF455ARGSWR, WF457ARGSGR, WF457ARGSWR, WF45H6300AG, WF45H6300AW, WF461ABP, WF461ABW, WF461ASP, WF501ANW, WF511ABR, WF511ABW, WF520ABP, WF520ABW, WF56H9100AG, WF56H9100AW, WFJ1254, WM1245A, WRHA138UW, WRHC137UH, WWHC135UH, WWPC197CS



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  • 5
    Optimized my laundry experience with the Spider Hex Bolt for my Samsung Washer. The easy installation and compatibility have made a significant difference in maintaining a stable drum. A must-have replacement part for a seamless laundry process!

    Posted by Storm on May 15th 2023

  • 5
    Thrilled with the compatibility of the Spider Hex Bolt for my Samsung Washer (DC60-40137A). This replacement bolt not only fits seamlessly but also provides reliable support for the washing machine drum.

    Posted by Nova on Mar 15th 2023

  • 5
    Found the perfect solution for my Samsung Washer with the Spider Hex Bolt (DC60-40137A). Its compatibility and durable design have significantly improved the stability of the washing machine drum.

    Posted by Serenade on Dec 8th 2022

  • 5
    Highly recommend the Spider Hex Bolt for Samsung Washer owners (DC60-40137A). The compatibility and durable construction ensure optimal performance.

    Posted by Solara on Jun 13th 2022

  • 5
    The Spider Hex Bolt for my Samsung Washer (DC60-40137A) is a game-changer! These bolts ensure a secure and sturdy connection, maintaining the stability of the washing machine drum. A must-have replacement part for a well-functioning appliance.

    Posted by Blaze on May 20th 2022

  • 5
    Applauding the robust design of the Spider Hex Bolt, perfectly compatible with Samsung Washers (DC60-40137A). The precise fit and secure connection make it a practical and trustworthy choice.

    Posted by Wilde on Feb 10th 2022

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