Bin Door ( Lower Bin ) Compatible with Frigidaire Refrigerator 240363702

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  • Measures about 14-1/8" wide x 5-1/2" high x 4-1/4" deep
  • Part Number 240363702 (AP2116106) replaces 891287, AH430207, EA430207, PS430207.

Model Number Description

FRS23H7CSB2 refrigerator

PLHS39EESS1 refrigerator

PLHS39EESS2 refrigerator

GLHS238ZDSA refrigerator

GLHS38EGSB0 refrigerator

PLHS237ZAB3 refrigerator

GLRS237ZAB0 refrigerator


FRS23H7CSB0 refrigerator

GLHS36EESB5 refrigerator

PLHS237ZAB1 refrigerator

PLHS237ZAB5 refrigerator

PLHS37EGSB1 refrigerator


FRS23KF6EM3 refrigerator

FRS3HR5HW2 refrigerator

GLHS35EHSB1 refrigerator

GLRS237ZAB5 refrigerator

GLRS237ZAW5 refrigerator

PLHS239ZCB2 refrigerator


FRS23BH6CS0 refrigerator

FRS23KF6EM5 refrigerator

GLHS238ZDS7 refrigerator

GLHS36EEB0 refrigerator

GLHS36EESB0 refrigerator

GLRS234ZAQ2 refrigerator

GLRS237ZAB1 refrigerator

GLRS237ZAB2 refrigerator

GLRS237ZAQ6 refrigerator

PLHS237ZAB0 refrigerator

PLHS237ZAB2 refrigerator

PLHS237ZCB1 refrigerator

GLHS238ZDS5 refrigerator

GLHS35EHB1 refrigerator

GLHS35EHW1 refrigerator

GLHS36EEW5 refrigerator

GLRS234ZAQ1 refrigerator

GLRS237ZAW0 refrigerator

GLRS237ZAW1 refrigerator

GLRS237ZAW2 refrigerator

GLRS237ZAW6 refrigerator

GLRS237ZDB2 refrigerator

PLHS237ZAB6 refrigerator

PLHS237ZDB3 refrigerator

PLHS239ZDBD refrigerator

PLHS239ZDBR refrigerator


FRS23H7CSB1 refrigerator

FRS23H7CW1 refrigerator

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  • 5
    Revamped my refrigerator storage with the Frigidaire Refrigerator 240363702 lower bin door! The perfect fit and durable design make it an essential upgrade. Now, organizing items in my lower bin is more convenient and efficient.

    Posted by Sol on Oct 11th 2023

  • 5
    Transformed my fridge with the 240363702 lower bin door, and the results are impressive! The seamless integration and robust material ensure optimal storage. Accessing items in my lower bin has never been this organized and hassle-free.

    Posted by Isolde on Dec 21st 2022

  • 5
    Applauding Frigidaire for the innovative design of the 240363702 lower bin door. The sturdy build and perfect fit make it a practical choice. Now, my refrigerator operates seamlessly, providing efficient and organized storage for everyday items.

    Posted by Oberon on Nov 30th 2022

  • 5
    Found the ideal solution for my refrigerator in the Frigidaire 240363702 lower bin door. The easy installation and high-quality design make it a reliable choice. A significant enhancement to the cleanliness and organization of my fridge.

    Posted by Evergreen on Jul 3rd 2022

  • 5
    The Frigidaire 240363702 lower bin door fits perfectly into my fridge. The compatibility and durable build make it an excellent replacement. Organizing items in my lower bin is now a breeze with this functional and reliable door. Highly recommended!

    Posted by Solitude on Jan 29th 2022

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