Middle Door Bin Compatible with Frigidaire or Kenmore Refrigerator 240337901

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The Middle Door Bin Compatible with Frigidaire or Kenmore Refrigerator 240337901 is a must-have replacement part for your Frigidaire or Kenmore appliance. Designed to seamlessly fit into your fridge, this white door bin is not only functional but also visually appealing.

Measuring 24" wide, with a 4" step to 2-1/2" tall, this door bin features curved ends that slope down elegantly. The open-type square latch adds a modern touch to your refrigerator's interior. This replacement part is engineered to replace various part numbers such as 240337904, 240337905, 891047, AH429868, AP2115858, EA429868, and PS429868, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of models.

Ideal for use with 21CF Frigidaire, Frigidaire Gallery, Pro Series, and Crosley refrigerators, this door bin is model-specific, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your appliance. Keep your fridge organized and maximize storage space with this Middle Door Bin, designed to meet the high standards of Frigidaire and Kenmore appliances.

Upgrade your refrigerator with this essential replacement part and enjoy the convenience of a well-organized and efficient storage system. Say goodbye to cluttered shelves and misplaced items with the Middle Door Bin Compatible with Frigidaire or Kenmore Refrigerator 240337901, the perfect solution for your appliance needs.

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  • 5
    Awe-inspiring! I'm genuinely satisfied with the accurate delivery of the product from the store.

    Posted by Penelope on Dec 25th 2023

  • 5
    Incredible! The precision in delivering as per the store's description is truly impressive.

    Posted by Lucas on Aug 24th 2023

  • 5
    Extraordinary! They nailed it by delivering the product exactly as mentioned on the store.

    Posted by Lily on May 9th 2023

  • 5
    Thrilled with this door bin replacement! It's exactly what I needed to enhance the organization of my Kenmore refrigerator. The installation process was a breeze, and now my fridge looks more tidy and efficient. Great value for improved storage!

    Posted by Caelum on Mar 16th 2023

  • 5
    Miraculous! They managed to deliver the product exactly as advertised on the store.

    Posted by Ethan on Jan 27th 2023

  • 5
    Exactly what I needed! This middle door bin is a game-changer. It accommodates various items, and now my refrigerator is neatly arranged. Say goodbye to cluttered shelves!

    Posted by Jaxon on Nov 2nd 2022

  • 5
    Wondrous! The product's arrival perfectly matched the details provided on the store.

    Posted by Avery on Oct 12th 2022

  • 5
    Kudos to this Frigidaire or Kenmore refrigerator door bin! It exceeded my expectations. The design is spot-on, and the replacement process was hassle-free. My fridge now has an additional, reliable storage space.

    Posted by Zephyr on Oct 9th 2022

  • 5
    I'm constantly amazed at how well this product delivers.

    Posted by Sophia on Sep 27th 2022

  • 5
    This middle door bin is a must-have for my Frigidaire refrigerator! It's spacious, durable, and keeps my fridge organized. Highly recommend for convenient storage and easy access to items!

    Posted by Isolde on Aug 17th 2022

  • 5
    This door bin replacement is a perfect fit for my refrigerator, and the quality is outstanding. No more worries about items falling or disorganized fridge space. Very satisfied with the purchase!

    Posted by Echo on May 8th 2022

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