100 Pack Plastic Hangers Clothes Heavy Non Slip Hangers with Double Hooks

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  • ✅【 Save by Buying Bulk 】The more you buy the more you save! Our plastic hangers helps you save space and helps organize your closet or wardrobe in no time.
  • ✅【 Durable & Thick 】Made of reinforced plastic, our hangers are built to last longer than traditional hangers. Each hanger measures 16.25" Wide, 9.25" Tall, and 0.25" Thick.
  • ✅【 Extra Slim 】At only 1/4" thick, you are able to fit 50% more clothes into your closet! Free more space in your closet for even more clothes.
  • ✅【 Built-In Shoulder Hooks 】The shoulder hooks are perfect for garments such as tank tops, dresses, ties, belts, bras, nightgowns, shawls, skirts, and anything with a strap. These hooks make organizing your closet so much easier!
  • ✅【 Cost Effective Solution 】Our mission at QRInnovations is to provide high quality products at an exceptional price! We will always provide you with the best prices we can!

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